The Post-PC world is not Mac vs Windows. It is all about the changes of multi-device, data mobility & anywhere access. As such applications and means of access need to change.

Complexity for end clients has gotten much more complicated due to multiple devices, types of applications and so on. So the management of the environment is very complex behind the scenes. The requirements for cost management, easy to use & security still exist. Those basic back end necessities are crucial to IT.

How did this happen? Its the piecemeal approach. IT had to get a tool to manage it for the Mac. Then had to manage it for iOS. Then Android and so forth. This is for Web tools, SaaS tools, Mobile Apps etc.

Consumeration of IT really means it has to be easy or the end user will go somewhere else. Now to deliver this, VMware's approach is to manage from the middle. My Apps, My Files, Native Experience.

Now Horizion suite is aiming to managed in the middle and be the portal to facilitate access and control for all the various end user computing space to the application and devices. By doing this a Catalog can be offered, file sharing can be offered and controlled. Central management is required to offer security policy controls also.

The three ways of managing in Horizon view point is Identity, Policy & Context. In Identity, who are you. Context is what are you trying to access and from and what OS. This is different than before where the PC was a known entity. Now there are more choices and options here.Policy takes Identity and Context to apply rules across both of them.

Horizon offers a place to manage, security, track, delivery and make functional. Their goal is to encourage them to opt-in instead of force down. End customers will find a way around IT wherever possible. Getting them to buy in is the future.