Today's Keynote is all about the End User Computing experience and the Battle of the Platinum partners.

Branch in a box through the View Rapid Deployment Program. Take an appliance, some configuration and deploy as many workstations as you need.

Mirage from Wanova is being presented as the future of secured solutions and centralized management. ACE, Local Mode are great solutions for a limited set of end use cases. Mirage is aimed at handling all the various other end devices out there. It will offer disaster recovery and centralized management.

After an entertaining canned demo around Mirage. They presented some more advanced demos of using Tablets and existing OS instances. Project AppShift is some R&D making it more swipe style based interface for Windows 7. This is User Interface Virtualization Techinques. This took takes several of Windows basic interface experiences and made them Tablet friendly with swiping and copy/paste across the system.

Horizon Suite Administration is announced today and a quick demo. One of the points is that Horizon can manage Xen App Applications. Horizon Mobile on iOS will wrap applications into a secured workspace. This separates applications and control around security policies. So now it allows you to manage end devices cleanly and safely across multiple devices from a single interface tool.

VMworld Challenge -What is the things that Partners are doing to improve the VM space. They get 4 minutes to give their presentation. Then everyone at VMworld will vote using the mobile app on who gave the best preso (or is doing the most interesting thing). The winner will have their charity get a sizeable donation from VMware.

What are partners doing

Cisco - Playing for Kaboom who help build playgrounds in dense city centers for kids.

Techwise TV is presented by Cisco to making Networking more close. Gist of L.I.S.P. An interestingly cute little preso around VM Mobility with all the different means to move VMs around between datacenters due to IPv4/IPv6. LISP is a free technology to use from Cisco.

Dell - playing for Girl Scouts of America.

Dell vStart 1000 is a stack that gives you the full Dell solution from storage, networking and compute in a rack with a simple management interface. Fully integrated

EMC - charity is Wounded Warriors

EMC believes that more things should be built in or easily available Directly from the Web Client, Chad Sakac from EMC, he created a backup job directly in vSphere environment. His demo is live as he does things and clicks it isn't pre-recorded. Chad ran out of time. He was the first and brave.

HP - playing for Big Brothers and Big Sisters

HP showed how they have integrated their HP Matrix Infrastructure orchestration suite and how it works with vCloud Director. It organizes and automates the integration and backend creation of a provider DC.

NetApp- Playing for Be The Match, helps DNA matching for bone marrow

Data ON Tap infrastructure is the demo. How do you demo that per Dave Hitz. Peak Colo is going to be used an example of how NetApp helps them out. Everyone in Peak Colo gets a vSAN since all the infrastructure is shared overall and the vSAN is for each customer.

NetApp won and VMware is donating $10,000 to Be The Match.