VMworld 2010 is coming to a close. This has been a very different ride than previous VMworlds in my experience. So stay tuned for my wrap up.

This is a live blog posting.

Richard - Chief Marketing Officer

vTicket - The Golden Ticket - You will just have to wait and see what they win (must be present to win).

13,000 labs so far - over 150k VMs
Ron Davis took all 30 labs first (yes.. took all 30 labs available)


#1 Doing something new
Early on the Mainframe saw that they were severely under utilized and created virtualization.
#2 Changing the way things are done
VMware first started changing the way in 2001 in the datacenter

Update: 9:06am:

Discussion on the future of end user experience:

Pranav Mistry from the MIT Media Lab. Created Sixth Sense.

The question is when connecting devices (just a few) in a way to interact with the cloud (internet).
He created an interface to interact with the objects inside the computer. What about using paper? What about working in spatial?

The next way is making ordinary objects be able to interact with the cloud. How do we make interaction with computers simpler? Do we really care about computers or do we care about the information instead?

If we take the information out of the computers we can tie that information to the real world objects. We take and project those pixels then we can start interacting with them outside the computer. Say you have an airplane ticket, if a camera can take the information in, why can't it then check if the flight is on time and then display that information onto the ticket with a little projector.


Update 9:25am:

Natan Linder - MIT Media Lab

Adding I/O to the real world. What if anywhere we have a plug/power we can interact with the Web? Project LuminAR. What if you plug a computer interface into a light socket that can respond to what your doing? Bring up a webpage/youtube about the book your currently reading and project it onto the desk your sitting at. Tie that in with a robot that can help you out based on your guestures and environment needs.

Update 9:35am:

Tan Le - Emotiv Systems

Brain computing interface. All communication with computers is specific commands. With humans there are many more layers of communication from feelings, emotions, facial experssions, experience. What if we can bring those data points into the computer?

The issue with brain computing is everyone's brain works a little bit differently. Emotiv has developed an algorithm to help this mapping. The second issue is the physical interface to be able to get the signals from a human head. This headset is cost manageable now.

Steve Herrod, What a great sport getting up on stage and using the Emotiv Headset for a live demostration. Incredible technology.

Herrod wearing the Emotiv Headset

Closing: vTicket == Emotiv Headset

vTicket Prize

Update 3 Sep 2010: Fixed the pictures as they weren't showing up right.