The year, the past.

The place, a convention in a week.

I'm prepped. I'm ready. I'm excited. I'm nervous. I've got a presentation I'm going to do. There's going to be tons of announcements and product releases. I'm working myself into a frenzy about everything that's going to happen and things I need to be ready for and and and...

Needless to say at this point I need a stiff drink. My friends know that doesn't work so they come over and we start talking. Lots of silliness in-sued and stress occurred. Something fun that came out of that stress release is a game that I like to do about the next convention I'm heading to.

Rules of the Prophecy Game:

  1. You get a point for each item you bring up first that happens.
  2. If it is NDA, can't mention it. No fair to the game as you already know the announcement and we don't want you getting in trouble.
  3. If it is massively public knowledge, you can say it, you just don't get points for it coming true. (Team vote if prophecy is public knowledge already.)
  4. Winner at end of convention for most points gets crowned "Oracle of VMworld2010".

What do I think that will happen at VMworld 2010?

  • Number of Booths with uninformed Booth Babes/Dudes will be less than VMworld2009
  • Session turnout will be smaller on average than last year
  • iPad is the raffle gift of choice this year (a gimme I know)
  • EMC will show some incredible tech (VPLEX) that will encourage VMware to one-up it
  • vD0dgeball will have a significant turnout of vSquirrels, vSpecialists and just everyone
    • vSpecialists are going to win 5 out of 9 games

  • Symantec will have some new product that will attempt to replace some VMware supplied tech and be rather disruptive to your environment again instead of using APIs supplied
  • Citrix or Microsoft will have some marketing approach that is rather childish
  • Lots of VMware announcements about the Ionix acquisition
  • Twitter will hit a good 30k tweets in #vmworld
  • @jTroyer will get 2 hours of sleep a night all week
  • @Lynxbat will announce some cool enhancement to a virtual appliance

That being said here's my prophecies on VMware's product line and keynotes:

  • Will announce general availability of VMware's first Cloud Delivery Tool (Likely called Service Director) for your own private cloud
  • Announce cross datacenter vMotion & Storage vMotion capabilities
  • VMware will purchase Teradici for $50mil
  • Will announce VMware is getting into selling servers (everyone else is doing it why not VMware?)
  • View will finally go GA
  • VMware join the battle to buy 3Par

What do you think will happen at VMworld 2010?