The recent Zimbra acquisition by VMware threw me a bit for a loop initially. Then I started chewing on it and read the good post by Rodney Haywood. Very shortly afterwords I had a classic Homer Duh moment.

VMware aims to build from the ground up the best cloud computing solution for sale as possible. That is taking into account that cloud computing definition today is as about as vague as a real cloud in the sky. Today that cloud is fluffy and in 5 mins that cloud is shaped like a rabbit. As such they have built a pretty strong infrastructure level for customers with vSphere, vCenter and various add-on tools. They have picked up SpringSource to offer ultimately a platform for services and understanding of how the JVM interacts more closely with the hypervisor. Now they are getting into the services space with Email/Calendaring.

  • IAAS -> vSphere/vCenter
  • PAAS -> SpringSource
  • SAAS -> Zimbra

Each of these areas is really focused on a different customer base at the end of the day. Sure you can say IT and that's like saying your customer base for is for the TV viewing audience. It is too vague and there is better & a more definable end customer grouping.

  • IAAS -> Server/Storage/PC/Hardware Teams - Ground Level System Admins
  • PAAS -> Development Teams making solutions up - Architects/Developers
  • SAAS -> Back Office management/utilities - Often more visible by the CxOs.

So where are they going next and what areas are missing for the full suite for all the different customer bases they are aiming for?