A major goal of the View initative is to have the same image while providing the best experience possible with WAN, LAN and Direct machine speeds. For WAN/LAN the solution will be PCoIP. The performance numbers are very impressive and no numbers. This protocol has shown some excellent capabilities over WAN connections.

The other piece for local machine usage is Employee Owned machines. Hosted Virtualization is being highly developed. Deals with Intel have gone the next step with Bare Metal Virtualization for Corporate owned machines.

Demo of the Bare Metal Virtualization (type 1 hypervisor). Direct3D works fairly well during the demo. A presentation of OpenGL using the Google Earth demo over PCoIP and over the LAN was very nice. The WAN demo back to Portland simply rocked.

Wyse has an iPhone application to make the iPhone act as a thin client connecting over PCoIP to the same virtual machine ruled. Quick and effectively to scroll around the screen and do what you would normally. Which is appropriate having seen well over 2 out of 10 people having iPhones, more than Blackberrys here.

More to come.. next post...