The morning video is pretty neat and a clean match to yesterday's video. Anyone get this video for replay? Lots of playing with letters flying around and a good theme fitting with the "hello freedom" this year.

This is mainly Steve Herrod's presentation. 3 major initatives - View, vCloud, vSphere. All driven around business need.

View has over 1,000,000 desktops and 7,000 customers today. The high focus is around better efficiency day to day. This is built over the vSphere system. Over 3 million engineer hours put into vSphere. vSphere has some nice base to work on such as Commonality for management, Security, Availability, Efficiency.

Focusing on View some big points are Provisioning, Image Updating & Policy Enforcement. The key to desktops is breaking them apart into the same separation that has been done on server side. Separate out the Application Stacks from the OS and pulling out Data Store parts.

Big news is the announcement on rtoVirtualProfiles agreement.

More next post...