I went to two other sessions and they just weren't anything I was intersted in so I left early and spent time talking with engineers from various companies about their products. So far I'm not really too wowed by much of the products. This fits into my feelings about the keynote after it was done. Not really wowed at all. No new product announcements, version announcements or even serious tech previews. The one I was all excited to see on the big screen was the PCoIP and they rushed through that.

The vCloud announcement was nice as it is starting to get somewhat defined for the industry. Thanks to Jian Zhen (zhenjl) from VMware for pointing me to the vCloud API. I'll be reading through that this week. Probably on the flight home knowing me. Seeing the investment by companies like Terremark already for "on demand servers access" is nice and in the ranges of cost feasibility.

Overall the day has been productive and less than exciting.