From a very interesting tweet:
@MeghanAtBMC: VMWorld infrastructure is running 37,248 VM's on 776 ESX servers w/total of 37TB of Memory 348TB Storage


The next set of questions coming from someone that manages a datacenter:

Can we get a whitepaper/post mortem report on:

  • How this datacenter ran during the show?
  • What issues did you see?
  • What worked well?
  • How many VMotions happened?
  • How many HA events occurred?
  • How many IOPS occurred?
  • How many last minute change requests for more CPU, Memory, Disk, Extra VMs come through?
  • What kind of change management was in place for this?
  • What were the support policies?
  • How many admins were involved?
  • How many hack attacks occurred?
  • What kind of security issues were seen?
  • What kind of repair worked happened?
  • What was Lab Manager used for?
  • What was View used for?
  • What versions of everything that were used?
  • Did you have any FT VMs? How did they work?

Any other questions datacenter folks would be intersted in? I know I'm just itching to know.