My good friend has found another VI Toolkit call that is amazingly slow compared to pulling useful data from it. I've done performance testing before of Get-VM against Get-View to get to the useful data needed day to day. In that test using Get-View was 18x faster than using Get-VM.

This past week he was able to dig through the API/mob to find disk data for individual VMs for an internal tracking and reporting system we have. This time he found a way to get the majority of useful data from Get-Harddisk a different way. Rather significant change in speed with another couple hours of work.

This report he generates goes through about 1/2 of our VMs to pull VMDK information.

Get-HardDisk => 35 hours

New method => 2 mins 15 seconds

Yes. That's right. 976 times faster. Do the math yourself.