Transitive software has a lower level of virtualization that VMware and Xen and Hyper-V don't do today. That is virtualizing the CPU layer with a full abstraction layer, not a pass thru approach using Ring 0/Ring 3 the way the x86 Ring Architecture the way it was originally intended to be used. By this I mean they create a virtualization layer that allows you to emulate the PowerPC CPU on x86 hardware or SPARC on x86.

Well they had this really nice raffle program they did during VMworld where they gave away a MacBook every day for 3 days of the convention with their virtualization suite installed on it. They had one more MacBook they were to give away for the best picture with their shirt and glasses on. So I told my family about it and my children wanted to go and take some pictures with a hometown hero's statue.

We sent the pictures in and ta-da.. A new toy coming soon.