Nothing like a couple of early morning sessions to kick one in the tush to get the blog up and going.

Checking out the new marketing perspective from VMware and I think they are finally at the right level. Virtual Infrastructure was a step in the right direction about 2 years ago and now they are at vDatacenter OS or vDC-OS. I've been talking about the power of being able to treat most if not all configurations as software for the past 4 years. VMware is now accepting that fact and has most if not all the pieces in place finally with the ability to talk more closely to the Storage and Networks and Manage the environments with tools like Lifecycle Manager (Dunes VS-O).

At the end of the day I want VMware to give me the ability to provide a hardware platform (by the old definition since server virtualization really messes with that concept) that I can manage and provide to application(s). I really don't want another app server OS or general purpose OS. I want something that can run those other OSes and doesn't care what I write those app servers in, be it Linux, BeOS, MacOS, Windows, .NET, Java, etc. I want to be able to manage that underlying service which is plenty complicated.

I look forward to posting more stuff about virtualization/layerization and in general systems administration for larger environments.