When you update your Onboard Administrator on HP c-Chassis to 2.5x, the OA will start to check if the Power Management version is new enough and if it is not it will give you a Major Error with details of : C01668472

To update this you need to either have a running OS or you can do the following steps using tools you have already downloaded most likely.

bbFirmware CD 1.60
PowerManagement 3.4D Linux install

  1. Boot off bbFirmware CD via the iLO Virtual Media
  2. At the boot: prompt type in console and hit enter. Don't hit the default.
  3. Wait for a console shell prompt to come up. This may take a couple minutes.
  4. Mount a Folder (which will show up as a USB device to the OS) via the iLO to the directory you have put the PowerManagement update in. It is smart to minimize how many files are in that directory.
  5. Type in mkdir /mnt/power
  6. Type in mount /dev/sda /mnt/power
  7. Type in cd /mnt/power
  8. Type in ./CP011627.scexe
  9. Once this is complete go ahead and reboot the box via the iLO.

That should address this issue.