Recently I was pulled into a slow performance issue with a VM. After looking at the standard metrics of value and seeing that none of them were really bad, I started asking some more questions. We contacted the vendor and they asked a bunch of questions back. Of course we responded being very transparent and the vendor came back and said your performance problem is due to the fact that your CPUs aren't 3.0Ghz or better. Now since we use AMD, this doesn't surprise me though none of our testing matched up to the claims the vendor made around 30% increase by using this new functionality. Our numbers say zero change in performance. So I pushed back and started reading on the requirements and this is what they list.

Vendor Minimum Requirements

This is great to say and is a wonderful cop out by the support team.

"Oh wait, you don't have a 3.0Ghz box"
"Ok, what model?"
"Doesn't matter, must be 3.0Ghz or faster"
"Alright, so will my 3.0Ghz Pentium 4 that's 5+ years old be fast enough?"

Try again vendor. Be accurate and precise with your data and information at time of document creation with the expectation to deliver the right information to deliver a functional, quality product.