My blog is a venture into the wild world of blogging and social media. I do this as a challenge to me to share what is out there and what’s the big deal between the various layers of technology. I started this website after the light went on and I said what’s the big deal with the Virtualization discussion “it’s just another layer” of software being implemented. This idea of the layers involved here came from a well done blog article I read a couple years ago that showed all the layers of abstraction used to make a .NET call. I wish I could find it to link here as it showed well over 35+ layers (if I remember right) that start at .NET and go all the way down to writing and reading from disk.

A bit about me:

My name is Ian Koenig and I work as a Senior Systems Administrator or VMware/x86 Systems Architect (all depends on who you talk to) at a Large Financial Company. I’ve been using VMware for close to a decade now, give or take, since VMware Workstation 2.0 and ESX 1.5.2. My skills are wide and varied including programming and scripting in C, Perl, Java, and now learning Powershell/.NET. I’m well versed in ITIL, Windows, Linux systems Administration with over 500+ server instances. As a side I do have a VCP (VMware Certified Professional) certification.

In my free time I play and coach Soccer both indoor and outdoor along with raising a family of pets and kids.

Views expressed here may or may not be opinions of my employer. I am the only person responsible for anything posted here. Nothing seen here is reviewed or approved by anyone involved in my life, especially my employer.